Raw Boutique is a complete collection of luxurious clothing, offering sleek, edgy and sophisticated tailoring, and sultry fabrics which drape and flaunt the feminine figure. The collection consists of classic, chic pieces for the independent, confident, professional woman, with an effortless edge.

While perusing all of the amazing pieces that Raw Boutique provides, you will find a balanced and neutral color palate with timeless silhouettes and figure flattering cuts. Our minimalist palette screams VOGUE in the most subtle way possible.
 Each item is hand selected with you in mind. We choose our inventory based on one key phrase;
"Thats A Staple item".
We strongly believe that every woman should have that "Go To" outfit, when all else fails. We believe in building your dream closet, piece by piece, starting with the classics, "the staples".

Raw was created by Allison Gillman in 2015.  Born and raised in New Jersey, and based out of Tampa, Florida, Allison has a strong love for the art of Fashion. She believes that you should never take yourself to seriously and this certainly applies to her everyday style. 
Her street style is an evolution in itself and is continuously evolving by the extraordinarily influential world in which we live in. Allison mixes classic sophisticated pieces with unique unexpected pieces to create a truly one of a kind look. 

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